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Life Happens In The Kitchen

People are hungry.

Hungry physically.

Hungry Emotionally.

Hungry Spiritually.


Many of our happiest memories are of being around the kitchen table or the island with family or friends; enjoying the company of others; engaging in lively conversation; basking in the celebration.  Laughter.  Tears.  Memories.  Whether it’s Thanksgiving dinner or a Tuesday morning breakfast, the kitchen brings people together.  In our home, we make memories…one kitchen at a time.

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What People Are Saying About Us:

Thought these would be a perfect gift for my brother, who is a big fan of making pulled pork. After reading other reviews, I realized I could use these for salad – so got a pair for myself too! Bottom line: These kitchen claws are a multi-purpose kitchen tool that everyone will use.  Super quick delivery, and easy to clean too. I’d recommend to any and all!


Seller called to insure item was as advertised. I have inspected this item and found it to be of high quality. I will be using it this weekend, and expect it to perform as advertised. This company states they are developing new kitchen products. Looking forward to their next product.


Either shredding up a 5+ lb roast in under 2 minutes, or destroying a whole chicken these claws ROCK! Also, $15 is a pretty low price point when you consider time saved over the life of this kitchen tool (guessing 3-5 years). I hate gimmicky kitchen tools and consider myself a snob, but I like these claws! Also, +1 for the seller. She called me over a month after purchase to check on the purchase.



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