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About Our Company

KitchenReady prides itself on maintaining quality products and first-rate customer service.  If we sold inferior products or treated our customers poorly we would not be in business.  Our products are for both the professional chef and the home cook enthusiast. 

KitchenReady is a family owned and operated small business.  Our focus is to provide products that we find interesting and that also improve the epicurean experience.  


What is the epicurean experience?  It's just a fancy way of saying the enjoyment of preparing, serving and eating food.  Often times the epicurean experinece enhances our enjoyment of gatherings with family, friends, collegues.  

Whether you are a "foodie" or someone that wants to have the right tools in the kitchen or around the grill, KitchenReady is here to serve you. 

As consumers ourselves and kitchen enthusiasts, we have heard it all from companies claiming to have the best products. In many cases it’s true; however, in some cases it’s far less than true. We’re sure that you have had similar experiences.

At KitchenReady we stand behind every product we offer, as we know that satisfied customers are the foundation of our business.

What Are People Saying about KitchenReady?

The first chance I got, I smoked a Boston Butt for a small gathering we were having and I am not kidding when I say this - the Kitchen Claws made transferring the pork shoulder from the smoker to the pan easier, but when it came to pulling it apart - I did it in less than 3 minutes!  Now this was only an 8lb piece, but still - 3 minutes!
~ Neil S. Alabama 

"I bought this set for my husband who loves to cook and BBQ. He loves it!! It is so easy to use and clean. Will certainly be considering this for future gifts :-) Company is also fantastic, sent along some really great recipes we are looking forward to trying out. Highly recommend this product and this company! Cheers, Lori :-)"
~ Lori L., Oregon

"In the south we love our BBQ. And no BBQ doesn't mean anything you put on the grill. It's pulled pork off a Boston butt that has been slow smoked to perfection. These are awesome compared to the old way to pulling by hand or a regular fork. Don't hesitate just buy this product. I only wish I would've bought 2 pair. One for me and one to give away!
~ Clint C., Mississippi