Safe Grip Gloves Promotional Video

Safe Grip Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves by KitchenReady ~ Throw away the Oven Mitts A great gift for the chef at heart! Click here to pre-order from our listing.
KitchenReady, a company that prides itself in maintaining and manufacturing quality products and first-rate service to customers, is proud to announce the launch of its newest product —the Safe Grip Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves coming this April 2015.
The Safe Grip is a heat resistant glove that can withstand heat up to 662°F (350°C) and is designed to be fire proof as well; so it is not just ideal for holding hot things, but also for handling items that are around open flames.
Customers can also expect a lot more from KitchenReady. Patrick Jacobs, Dir of Customer Service of KitchenReady, commented, “The Safe Grip Gloves are the first of several products that we plan to launch in 2015. With the initial success of our Kitchen Claws our customers have been providing us ideas and there is an air of excitement building around our brand.”
With that statement, everyone can expect more new and exciting products from KitchenReady this year.
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