Time vs Pork Shoulder…

There it is, 17lbs of pork shoulder sitting in a pan, waiting. A daunting task. It’s time to pull it apart. And your guest will be arriving in minutes…

What do you have? 2 forks?

You don’t have time for the hassle or the mess. What you want is a fast, foolproof and frustration-free way to shred pulled pork before your guests arrive.

With Kitchen Claws by KitchenReady you can shred a pork shoulder into pulled pork perfection in no time at all!

Plus, these Premium Meat Forks will become the most versatile utensil in your cooking arsenal!
• Quick and easy shredding.
• Stabilize a large turkey or chicken for carving, cutting a roast or slicing a spiral ham.
• Toss and serve salads or mix coleslaw.
• The Easy-to-Grip Meat Handles are great to safely transfer hot foods from the cooking surface to the cutting surface or plater.
• Plus, the Kitchen Claws are dishwasher safe making them easy to clean up

Better grab your set of the Top Selling BBQ Forks from Amazon.com while supplies last!

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